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Ethnic Grocery Store Owners: Get Online Or Soon Be Left Out In The Race

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

Pandemic (Covid) had kept grocery shoppers at home and they were in fact already accustomed to safety, speed and convenience - top three factors.

A recent study states that 60% of US consumers will continue to purchase groceries online as the third wave of delta variant (COVID) hits hard in the United States.

Pandemic situation has resulted in raising $10B by various grocery delivery startups just in the last 6 months ($7B in 2020). There are many companies like Weee are building fulfillment centers across the USA as part of their huge fundraise and going after small Ethnic grocery stores (Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean etc.) market and taking some of their customers who prefer online convenience and safety. This should be a wake up call for all the small grocery store owners who are not in the digital age, not providing online ordering, and soon will lose customers, revenue and could be forced to close stores eventually.

Roundpea to the rescue! Roundpea’s mission is to in fact protect these small stores, continue to make them a relevant part of the digital race, provide online convenience for their grocery Shoppers and retain loyalty.

Roundpea ecommerce platform is tailor made for the neighborhood ethnic grocery store and we provide the following benefits for Ethnic grocery stores.

We bring Stores Online within 48 hours

Self-service and simple onboarding of your store online within 48 hours.

Enable your Shoppers with Mobile and Web

Provide tailor made, store specific iOS and Android based mobile apps and web ordering for your customers to shop online, however they want.

Smart Pick and Fulfillment

Quick and efficient fulfillment of orders by your own staff using Roundpea’s proprietary app. 40% greater efficiency in fulfillments compared to alternatives.

Integrated Billing and Turn-key Curb-side Pickups or Home Delivery

We use industry trusted Stripe for payments and integrate with Postmates for home delivery.

Catalog and Inventory Management

Built-in product catalog and inventory management provides better accuracy and efficiency.

Marketing Tools

Our team is here to help monetize on digital platforms and other areas to make online engagement with your shoppers a big success.

Grocery Store Owners - don't be left out in this online race and become obsolete. Roundpea is here to help! Reach out to us by filling this form.

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